Red-Headed Picathartes Cameroon Apr 2018

08 May, 2016

A couple of hours spent watching the sea from the car park at 08:30 again produced very little.

Great Skua - 1 on sea
Common Scoter - 14E
Gannet - 130E 25W
Sandwich Tern 15E
Commic Tern - 5E
Grey Plover - 8E
Bar-tailed Godwit - 1E
Whimbrel - 4E
Brent Goose - 1E
Oystercatcher - 4E
Great-crested Grebe - 4 on sea

Yesterday spent the day out with a few friends on his fishing boat. We travelled 3 miles out from the river mouth visiting a couple of reefs and wrecks that are meant to be good for fishing. Will have to say the fishing was far better than the birding.

Several Fulmar around the first site called Black Ledge produced several Gannet, 7 Common Scoter sitting on the sea, small flocks of Commic Tern and a few Swallow heading in.

The second site was an old wreck called Shirala that was sunk in 1913, produced more of the same with the only Great Skua, Black Tern, heading east, a few Kittiwake and 5 Guillemot on the sea.