African Skimmer Cameroon Apr 2018

21 January, 2015

Just had some feedback from friends regarding the bird, apparently the pattern of the dark on the outer primaries is spot on for a second winter (third calendar year) so it does indeed seem like its remarkably the same bird returning from last year! Note also that the eye still looks dark which is good for Kumliens, whereas those of a similarly aged Iceland would be noticeably paler.

Not having checked West Beach for a while I decided to walk up to the river mouth from rope walk. Sitting on the western arm of the river was a pale Gull slightly smaller than the nearby Herring Gulls. The question I pose to viewers is, is this the return of the Kumlien's Gull, all views welcome. I certainly would have thought this bird would have looked a lot paler than it appeared

Showed a pale Iris and small patches of grey in the mantle.

The dirty like plumage appeared very pale in flight against the clouds

Redshank - 5
Sanderling - 80 on east beach
Mediterranean Gull - 3 (adult & 2 2nd winter)